How to restore files and folder from the backup in VERITAS Backup Exec v20.3

Restore files and folders veritas backup exec, If you recognize which backup set, completed the backup job, or memory device media contains the info that you simply want to revive, you’ll start the Restore Wizard from there. Otherwise, you can select the server, then start the Restore Wizard.

Restore Files and Folders Veritas

1- On the Backup and Restore tab, right-click the server for which you want to restore data and click Restore.

veritas backup and restore

2- Select Files, folders, or volumes and click Next.

files and folder restore wizard

3- Select Files and folders backups to a point-in-time and click next.

backup exec restore files and folders

4- Expand Server and select the data files and folders you want to restore and click next.

backup exec restore resource view

5- Select where do you want to restore the (files and folders) data (I am restoring to the original location) and click next.

restore to original location

6- Review the restore wizard and select the option you want and click next.

restore maintain file integrity

7- under restore operation system feature select the features you want to choose and then click next.

backup exec restore junction points

8- What additional tasks do you want to perform before and/or after a store, under notification options you can manage recipients and then click next.

backup exec restore wizard notifiation

9- Type the folder name you are restoring and configure Schedule or Select Run now and then click Next.

backup exec restore schedule

10- Review Restore (files and folders) Summary and then click Finish.

restore files and folder summary

11- Under Job Monitor, Now you can monitor the running job.

veritas backup job monitor

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